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Impact FC 2 Live Blog: Ken Shamrock vs. Pedro Rizzo Updates

This is the Impact FC live blog for Ken Shamrock vs. Pedro Rizzo, the main event of "The Uprising" pay-per-view from Sydney, Australia.

Two UFC old schoolers clash under the officiating of "Big" John McCarthy in this "legends" showdown.

The live blog is below.

Round 1:
Shamrock comes out with a straight right that misses. Rizzo misses on a jab. Rizzo lands an inside leg kick and follows with a jab. Rizzo catches a kick and trips Shamrock down. Shamrock quickly recovers. Rizzo lands another inside leg kick. Ricco lands a right hand. Rizzo lands a right and a left. Shamrock is looking to time and land his right hand. Rizzo is patiently peppering Shamrock with punches. Shamrock looks to have connected on a left hook. Rizzo lands a leg kick. Shamrock lands a jab. Rizzo connects on a leg kick and Shamrock winces. Another leg kick and Shamrock is visibly in pain. Rizzo batters with more leg kicks and punches. Rizzo lands a leg kick and Shamrock falls to one knee while holding his left leg. "Big" John McCarthy doesn't step in so Rizzo walks over to finish Shamrock, but he's nice about it and throws light punches until McCarthy stops it.

Rizzo wins by TKO due to leg kicks at 3:33 of round 1
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