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Impact FC 2 Live Blog: Brad Morris vs. Soa Palelei Updates

This is the Impact FC 2 live blog for Brad Morris vs. Soa Palelei, a super heavyweight bout on tonight's "The Uprising" card from Sydney, Australia.

Australian staples Brad Morris and Soa Palelei resurface for a rare pay-per-view from the land down under.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Morris comes in and Palelei throws a counter to set up the clinch. Morris digs for the double-leg. Back in clinch and they battle for position. Palelei with a knee and Morris goes back to work on a double-leg. Palelei with more knees to the body. Morris looks for the double and Palelei grabs the front headlock and uses it more for control. Palelei hurts Morris with knees from clinch. Knees to the body, knees to the head and Morris looks in trouble. Palelei takes Morris down. Palelei standing, brushes Morris' legs away to take side control. Palelei takes the keylock and moves into full mount for the tap out with 40 seconds left in the round.

Palelei wins by keylock submission

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