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Midseason MMA Awards: Best Knockout

There may have been more surprising knockouts, more spectacular knockouts or more exciting knockouts, but there has been no more impressive knockout so far in 2010 than Shogun Rua connecting with Lyoto Machida in the first round of their light heavyweight title fight at UFC 113.

Just think about how difficult it is to land a clean, hard shot to Machida's head. Right up until that very moment when Rua's right hand hit Machida's temple, Machida had been the UFC's hardest fighter to hit. Whether you loved or hated his elusive style of fighting, you knew Machida was devastatingly effective at avoiding damage.

And then Shogun came along. After losing a very close decision to Machida last year, Shogun wanted to take it out of the judges' hands this time around, and that's what he did, winning the light heavyweight belt by tagging Machida with by far the hardest punch anyone has ever hit him with and then pouncing and finishing him with a few more punches on the ground. It was the best knockout in mixed martial arts so far in 2010.

Here are some honorable mention selections:

Mike Russow, for withstanding an unbelievable amount of punishment against Todd Duffee at UFC 114, then landing one brutal punch to end the fight at UFC 114.

Mike Russow

Hector Lombard, for needing only six seconds to knock out Jay Silva at Bellator 18.

Gerald Harris, for slamming Dave Branch's head against the canvas at UFC 116, and then showing a great deal of compassion and restraint by recognizing Branch was out and declining to hit him again.

Robbie Lawler, for connecting to Melvin Manhoef's chin after surviving a brutal fury of leg kicks at Strikeforce Miami.

Zoila Frausto, for earning a spot in Bellator's upcoming 115-pound women's tournament by knocking out Rosi Sexton with a vicious knee.

Cain Velasquez, for knocking Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira out cold at UFC 110.

Shane Carwin, for his devastating assault on Frank Mir at UFC 111.

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