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Anderson Silva Can Talk Some Trash Too, In His Own Way

We almost expect an MMA fighter running for political office to have his pro fighting career used against him by his opponent. Just ask Matt Lindland, whose green screen campaign ads weren't quite enough to win him a seat in the Oregon Statehouse.

But now Chael Sonnen, who was the Republican nominee for Oregon's House District 37 before withdrawing from the race, is having his brief political career used against him by UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva in advance of their meeting at UFC 117.

"Chael, as a fighter, is a good politician," Silva says in a video on Silva then goes on to say there are "idiotic things coming out of his mouth," before adding, "With him being a politician, he should really pay attention to what he's saying."

See? Sonnen's not the only one who can bring a little heat to this match-up. He's just the only one who can do it without subtitles.


Obviously, Silva has a different approach to the pre-fight trash talk game, but it's not necessarily a less effective one. Sonnen might get by on outlandish claims that range from implausible to demonstrably false, but Silva has a more subtle style.

He's not saying that Sonnen necessarily needs to shut up; he's merely expressing a befuddled concern that a man with Sonnen's political experience could be so careless with words.

"First Chael says he wants to be a fighter, then he says he wants to be a politician. Which one is it? You can only choose one," Silva says in the video. "I've chosen to be a fighter. After the fight, Chael will have a different idea of what choice he wants to make."

Here's where a less confident, more brash champion might have chosen to fight fire with fire. Sonnen says he's going to retire Silva, but Silva counters merely by suggesting he will help Sonnen find the career path most suited to his personality. The implication is that he's going to help him discover that career by putting a severe beating on him, but there's no need for him to come right out and say it. The list of challengers he's trounced speak loud enough.

Personally, I think it's refreshing to see Silva get into the verbal warfare game before a fight. While he usually has no interest in that side of the fight business, maybe Sonnen's whistle-stop tour of insults has brought out the reluctant promoter in him. His style might be more 'disappointed older brother' than 'pro wrestling heel,' but it works.
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