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Eddie Bravo Expects to Return to UFC Broadcasts

A week after leaving his job working in the production of UFC broadcasts, jiu jitsu instructor Eddie Bravo says he expects to get back to work for the UFC.

Bravo did not work in the UFC production truck at UFC 116, instead choosing to corner George Sotiropoulos. But Bravo says there were never any hard feelings between himself and UFC President Dana White, and he says that the UFC will bring him back for fight cards when he's not cornering fighters, because the quality of the production suffered in his absence.

"It was totally peaceful," Bravo said on HDNet's Inside MMA. "I went up to Dana and was cool about it, I thanked him for seven years of an amazing life traveling all over with the UFC. It's been beautiful. I loved it. It was time to move on, but I'm probably going back. There's some talk that I'm going back."

Bravo said that without him working the broadcast, there was no one on the UFC production team who knew which replays to show to demonstrate the ground game.

"The replays, apparently, were crap," Bravo said. "That's what I did for the UFC. I was in the truck, supervising the grappling replays because the guys in the truck don't do jiu jitsu, and if you don't grapple, you don't do jiu jitsu, and the fight ends in a triangle, they'll just show the guy in the triangle tapping, and that's the replay."

Bravo still considers his work as a coach to be his top priority, but he plans to work in production at every UFC event he's not working in a fighter's corner.

"I did resign to just focus more on cornering Dan Hardy and George Sotiropoulos," Bravo said. "I'm in the production truck. What am I going to do, run out and corner someone? [But] as long as a fighter of mine isn't fighting -- I'll take that night off -- it looks like it's happening."

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