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Dream.15 Live Blog: Michihiro Omigawa vs. Young Sam Jung Updates

Young Sam JungThis is the Dream.15 live blog for Michihiro Omigawa vs. Young Sam Jung, a featherweight bout on tonight's Dream event from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

This should be a walk through for Omigawa as Jung is an unknown from CMA Korea.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Omigawa beating Jung to the punch with lefts. Omigawa lands a right. He lands a two-punch combo and drops Jung. Omigawa pounds away in search of the finish. Jung recomposes to butterfly guard but Omigawa advances to Jung's halfguard. Omigawa turns fro the choke. Jung hangs on and scrambles to his feet. Omigawa still has Jung's neck and drops Jung with a DDT. Jung momentarily sits back for an armbar to give the crowd a brief scare, but Omigawa escapes and is inside Jung's closed guard. The fight is stood up and Jung is issued a yellow card. Omigawa wants to finish, chasing Jung with lefts and rights until he falls on top of Jung, inside Jung's guard. Jung has a somewhat active guard and Omigawa passes to full mount. Omigawa latches on a guillotine and taps out Jung.

Omigawa wins by submission

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