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Dream.15 Live Blog: JZ Calvan vs. Katsunori Kikuno Updates

JZ CalvanThis is the Dream.15 live blog for JZ Calvan vs. Katsunori Kikuno, a lightweight bout on tonight's Dream event from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Kikuno counters in his odd stance. Kikuno lands a knee to the body. JZ clinches and also lands a knee to the body. The referee separates them. Kikuno almost catches JZ coming in with a kick. Another tie-up and another official separation. JZ shoots in while throwing a right hand and puts Kikuno on his back. Kikuno is able to quickly return to his feet. JZ catches Kikuno with a left that stumbles Kikuno. Kikuno recovers to continue looking to counter with knees/kicks when Calvan eyes for the takedown. Kikuno lands a two-punch combo. Kikuno defends a takedown and connects with a knee. JZ tries again and takes Kikuno down with 5:51 left. JZ passes to halfguard. JZ looks to climb into full mount, but gives Kikuno room to scramble to his feet. Kikuno stops a takedown attempt and gets double unhooks, using it to trip JZ on his back. Kikuno works from inside JZ's guard. JZ is bleeding from his forehead. JZ gets back to his feet. Kikuno nails JZ with a left. The round ends in clinch. gives the advantage to Kikuno.

Round 2: JZ lands a left hook. JZ catches a kick and takes down Kikuno. JZ takes mount at 3:50. Kikuno gives up his back and JZ attempts the rear-naked choke. Kikuno works to push JZ's left arm away from his neck. JZ lets go at 2:50 and the crowd applauds. JZ still has Kikuno's back. JZ punches. JZ attempts the choke again but he's too high with Kikuno standing and they fall down to their sides. JZ with punches and he slides off Kikuno. Kikuno stands up and the bell sounds. scores the second round for JZ and the fight for JZ.

JZ wins by split decision

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