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Ken Shamrock Apologizes for Suggesting Fans Want Steroids

UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock said last month that he has used steroids in part because the fans want to see bigger, stronger, faster fighters. But now Shamrock has apologized for suggesting that the fans are to blame for steroid use, saying it's ultimately up to athletes to make the right decisions about what they put into their bodies.

"I'm sorry if that's the way it came off to point fingers at fans because that's not what I was doing," Shamrock told, via Zach Arnold. "I'm not saying that it's not the athlete's responsibility at all, no way. But what I'm saying is when something like that comes out and then you have people going, 'oh my God, I can't believe he was doing that!' ... that to me is wrong because to me most likely -- and I'm not saying in all cases -- but most likely people know what's going on."

Shamrock also clarified his previous comments about the legality of steroids. Although it was reported that Shamrock said he thought steroids should be legal, Shamrock said he doesn't think that.

"No, that was taken out of context," Shamrock said. "I do not, absolutely do not believe that steroids should be legal. My intention on that whole conversation was I thought that steroids should be controlled."

Shamrock's next fight is against Pedro Rizzo on the July 17 Impact FC card in Sydney, Australia. Shamrock, who tested positive for steroids after his last fight, in 2009, says he doesn't know whether he'll be tested for steroids before or after that fight.

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