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The MMA Wrap-Up: Post-UFC 116 Edition

This week's episode of the MMA Wrap-UpMMA Wrap-Up looks back on UFC 116 in an attempt to calm down a little bit after a fantastic night of fights and ask ourselves a very serious question: really, Brock Lesnar is now the world's best heavyweight? The guy who has only six pro fights on his record? One of which was against Min Soo Kim? Really? Okay.

Since it does indeed appear to be the case that Lesnar occupies the top spot, and since that does seem a little weird to me, the next goal is to figure out why it should be any stranger for Lesnar to be #1 than it was for Fedor Emelianenko, who suddenly seems like a puppy that the MMA world loved intensely until he chewed their shoes and was summarily stuck in the backyard and then forgotten about it. I promise this analogy did not make it into the video.

Check out this week's episode below to see which flawed attempts at logic and humor did find their way to the internet.

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