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All Fighters on Weight for K-1 MAX

All fighters passed the weight check successfully for Monday's K-1 World MAX 70 kg Final 16 and 63 kg Japan Tournament Finals. The inaugural 63 kg (~139 lb) tournament started back in May with 22 fighters but with only eight slots available for tomorrow's finals, a fan vote was done to determine who advances.

Also on the card is the beginning of the 70 kg (~154 lb) Final 16. Only three of the eight fights are being held on this card, the remaining five will be held on a European event later in the year.

Weigh-in results and fight order after the break.

K-1 World MAX 2010 Weigh-In Results and Fight Order - July 5th at Yoyogi Stadium 1st, Tokyo, Japan

63 kg Japan Tournament Final
11. Yamato/Yuki/Ishikawa/Saiga vs. Uematsu/Matsumoto/Kubo/Ozaki

70 kg World Championship Tournament Final 16
10. Albert Kraus (70.0kg) vs. Hiroki Nakajima (70.0kg)

63 kg Japan Tournament Semi-Finals
9. Yamato/Yuki vs. Ishikawa/Saiga
8. Uematsu/Matsumoto vs. Kubo/Ozaki

70 kg World Championship Tournament Final 16
7. Yoshihiro Sato (70.0kg) vs. Yuya Yamamoto (69.8kg)
6. Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima (70.0kg) vs. Andre Dida (62.8kg)

63 kg Japan Tournament Reserve Match #1
5. Kazuhisa Watanabe (62.8kg) vs. Kazuyuki Miyata (62.9kg)

63 kg Japan Tournament Quarter-Finals
4. Tetsuya Yamato (62.9kg) vs. Yuki (63.0kg)
3. Naoki Ishikawa (62.75kg) vs. Kizaemon Saiga (62.5kg)
2. Yuta Kubo (62.85kg) vs. Keiji Ozaki (62.9kg)
1. Daisuke Uematsu (63.0kg) vs. Yoshimichi Matsumoto (62.9kg)

63 kg Japan Tournament Reserve Match #2
"Kyouken" Yuji Takeuchi vs. Koya Urabe

70 kg Opening Fight
Yukihiro Komiya vs. Tahir Menxhiqi

63 kg Japan Tournament Reserve Match #3
Shohei Asahara vs. Toshiki Taniyama

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