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UFC 116 Live Blog: Seth Petruzelli vs. Ricardo Romero Updates

This is the UFC 116 live blog for Seth Petruzelli vs. Ricardo Romero, a light heavyweight bout on tonight's Spike TV portion of the card.

The returning Petruzelli (14-5), a cast member on season two of The Ultimate Fighter, welcomes New Jersey's Romero into the UFC.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Romero was a former D1 wrestler and goes for an early takedown. Petruzelli stuffs him. Petruzelli swarms and knocks Romero backwards with a nice combo. Petruzelli is known for a unique style and he's showing it early. Romero drags him down midway through the round. Petruzelli ends up on top moments later. Good ground and pound from Petruzelli with overhand rights. Just before the round ends, Petruzelli floors Romero with a right, then with Romero at his feet, hits him with the rarely seen over the head double ax-handle strike. Moments later, Romero takes his back at the closing bell. Wild finish. I score it for Petruzelli 10-9.

Round 2: Petruzelli with a knee to the head early. Romero looks gassed. Romero dives in for a takedown. Petruzelli grabs his arm for a kimura, then transitions to the arm bar. Romero gets free. Romero is bleeding wildly now. But he's back on top for another momentum change. Petruzelli throws elbows from the bottom as Romero tries to grind away. Romero suddenly gets a burst of energy and passes to side control with 2:10 left. Now he looks for an Americana and gets the tapout. A wildly entertaining fight and gutsy win for Romero.

Winner: Ricardo Romero via submission (straight arm bar), Rd 2.
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