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UFC 116 Live Blog: Chris Lytle vs. Matt Brown Round-by-Round Updates

This is the UFC 116 live blog for Chris Lytle vs. Matt Brown, a welterweight bout on tonight's UFC pay-per-view from the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Lytle (38-17-4) shoots for his fifth straight bonus in what should be a standup battle against Brown (13-8).

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Lytle and Brown forego the early fireworks in favor of some clinchwork early. After the last fight's fireworks, people want to see these two throw down, but after a quick break, more clinching, and Brown eventually gets Lytle to the ground. Lytle scrambles up before being dragged back down. Brown tries for a D'arce choke but Lytle finds air. After about 45 seconds, Brown releases his grip and Lytle gets back to his feet. Lytle starts firing off power punches but Brown is able to duck away from most. Lytle trips down in the last 10 seconds and the clock runs out. Round 1 to Brown, 10-9.

Round 2: A Lytle uppercut hurts Brown. Lytle jumps a guillotine but it's not close. Still, Lytle ends up in full mount. He switches to side control and then leg locks Brown's head. He's got an inverted triangle and also looking for a kimura. In a blink, Lytle goes to an arm bar from the same inverted triangle position and Brown verbally submits.

Winner: Chris Lytle via submission (arm bar), Rd. 2, 2:02
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