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UFC 116 Live Blog: Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin Round-by-Round Updates

This is the UFC 116 live blog for Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin, the main event of tonight's UFC pay-per-view from the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Lesnar (4-1), the "real" UFC heavyweight champion, faces off against interim champion Carwin (12-0) to determine the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion, and quite possibly (considering Fedor Emelianenko's loss last week to Fabricio Werdum), the No. 1 heavyweight in the world.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Lesnar bullrushes Carwin. Carwin goes down but right back up and gives Lesnar a knee on the way out. Carwin chants come from the crowd. Carwin with hard lefts as Lesnar crumbles. Carwin hammers Lesnar from the side. Ref giving Lesnar plenty of time but Carwin is hammering. Lesnar bleeding badly. Carwin working strong from the top. Electric atmospher. Carwin has Lesnar against the fence. Lesnar is cut open and bleeding. He's just covering up. Lesnar's back still against the fence as Carwin continues the assault. Carwin postures up with powerful elbows. Lesnar is basically covering up but not doing much else. Carwin backed off and Lesnar didn't even try to get up. Carwin goes into his guard. Lesnar looks like he's cut over his left eye and next to his right eye. Suddenly, Lesnar gets a burst and goes back to his feet as we dip under a minute left. Lesnar lands a knee from the clinch. Great heart from Lesnar just for surviving. MMA Fighting scores the round for Carwin 10-8.

Round 2: Lesnar and Carwin tap hands to start the round. Lesnar smiles, maybe saying, "I'm still here." Carwin is now out of the first round. Uncharted waters. Carwin backs Brock up with a right. Lesnar takes him down and into the half-guard, which is his preferred position. Lesnar moves to full mount and then an arm triangle. Carwin breathes but it looks tight. Carwin taps out. Amazing comeback from Lesnar.

Winner: Brock Lesnar via arm triangle submission, Rd. 2, 2:19

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