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UFC 116 Chris Lytle Submits Matt Brown

In a rematch that went much the same way as their first fight, Chris Lytle forced Matt Brown to submit to an arm bar Saturday night at UFC 116.

Lytle and Brown fought in 2007, with Lytle also winning a second-round submission. The official time of that fight was 2:49 of the second round; this time it was 2:02 of the second round.

The two came out swinging, just as everyone thought they would, but in the first round it actually became more of a tactical ground battle than most people thought. Brown sunk in a D'Arce choke that appeared to be deep, but Lytle refused to tap and Brown eventually let it go to avoid wearing out his arms. Brown also dropped Lytle with a punch late in a first round that Brown definitely deserved to win, 10-9.

In the second round Lytle dropped Brown, mounted him and sunk in a guillotine choke, doing exactly what he did to submit Brown the first time these guys fought, in 2007. This time Brown managed to survive the guillotine, but Lytle transitioned to an arm bar that forced Brown to submit. (Both of Brown's arms were trapped, so he had to verbally submit by saying "tap, tap" to the referee, rather than actually tapping out.)

The Lytle-Brown fight was billed as a likely Fight of the Night contender, and although it wasn't the great battle the UFC promoted it as being, it was a solid fight. And one that showed once again that Lytle comes to fight every time out.

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