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Chuck Liddell: 'I Guess I'm Not Taking Shots Like I Used To'

Chuck Liddell
has yet to make a decision about his future as a fighter. Even though UFC President Dana White said Liddell would never again fight in a UFC octagon, he's relented once before, and the two have yet to talk about his career since Liddell's knockout loss at the hands of Rich Franklin at UFC 116. But it appears there may have been at least one development in Liddell's decision-making process towards a possible retirement: he seems to have come to terms with his diminished capacity to take a punch.

In a recent interview with, Liddell said that his over-aggression ultimately cost him the fight, and that yes, his jaw isn't quite the impenetrable granite force-field that it used to be.

"I've been an aggressive fighter my whole life," he said. "It's one of those things that it's hard to change after so long. I probably should have been more conservative, protect myself a little more. I guess I'm not taking shots like I used to."

Liddell said he's yet to watch the fight but plans to do so in the next week or so. He sounded like his future was dependent on the upcoming conversation with White, but it was hard to tell if his heart was still in fighting so close on the heels of his third straight loss.

"We'll see what I do after I talk to Dana," he said.

Liddell, already a UFC Hall of Famer, has a 21-8 career mark after losing five of his last six.

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