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Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum Undercard Live Blog

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- This is the Strikeforce live blog for all the preliminary bouts of tonight's Fedor vs. Werdum card at the HP Pavillion.

The live blog is below.

Bobby Stack vs. Derrick Burnsed

Round 1: Stack thinks about a takedown in the early going and ends up eating a knee for his trouble. Burnsed lands a decent right straight, then follows with a takedown off a Stack kick a few moments later, but can't keep his man down.. Stack clinches him against the fence and the action slows to a crawl. What few fans there are in the arena this early aren't exactly loving it. Referee Kim Winslow separates the two to great approval. Stack tries a body kick and Burnsed stings him with a straight right, but then gets taken down. Burnsed uses an active open guard to get back to his feet, though he's quickly taken back down again. They end the round with Stack on top, trying to immobilize Burnsed's hips. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Burnsed.

Round 2: A right hand from Burnsed floors Stack in the opening seconds of round two. Stack recovers and brings Burnsed down with him, but ends up laying in his guard again. Burnsed works back to his feet and nearly locks on an anaconda choke, but ends up being put on his back once again. Burnsed scrambles to his feet and Stack continues looking for the takedown, staying in close. They go to the mat again, but a sweep from Burnsed lands him in mount. He tries for an arm triangle several times, but can't finish it. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Burnsed.

Round 3: Stack opening up a little more with his stand-up, but now it's Burnsed who gets the takedown and goes to half-guard. Before long he extricates himself and tries to move to mount. Stack gives up his back to escape and then reverses and puts Burnsed on his back. After an armbar attempt from Burnsed, they're back on their feet with Stack looking for the takedown again. Burnsed gets behind him and tries to take his back, but he's too high and ends up getting dumped on his back yet again. Burnsed is back up in the final thirty seconds, only to be taken down again before the final horn sounds. A small, but loyal contingent of Stack fans chant his name, but this one was certainly no thriller. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Stack.

Bobby Stack def. Derrick Burnsed via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 27-30)

Yancy Medeiros vs. Gareth Joseph

Round 1: A couple of sharp leg kicks from Joseph to start out, followed by a nice little left hook. Medeiros comes right back with a punch combo of his own and they each land something decent in the exchange. The action slows down in the clinch, but after a minute or so we're back to work on the feet. Medeiros may have hurt Joseph with a right hand, and Joseph scurries away to recover before coming back with a combo of his own. The way these two are throwing right now, it doesn't figure to last long. Spinning heel kick from Medeiros misses, but gets a reaction from the crowd. Medeiros is stalking Joseph right now, and it seems as if he's figuring out the other man's timing. Good left hook from Medeiros in the last ten seconds, followed by a knee to the body before the horn. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Medeiros.

Round 2: Medeiros back the attack right away, and Joseph has his back against the fence again. Not a great place to hang out. Joseph charges forward and eats a stinging counter left from Medeiros that wobbles him. He steadies himself, sort of, and tries to move in close, but another left hook drops him. A final right hand from Medeiros on a helpless Joseph seals the deal. Big knockout win for Medeiros.

Yancy Medeiros def. Gareth Joseph via KO (punch) at 1:19 of round 2.

Bret Bergmark vs. Vagner Rocha

Round 1: Bergmark, aka "The Angry Hick," makes his entrance to some Fatboy Slim, which doesn't seem all that fitting. They trade kicks to start off and then Bergmark lands a short right that briefly staggers Rocha. Rocha shoots and nearly gets caught in a guillotine, but he perseveres and puts Bergmark on his back. Bergmark is active off his back and eventually manages to kick Rocha away and stand up. Bergmark plods forward with a Frankenstein-like stance. Rocha stays away from his punches and then picks the right time to shoot in and take him down again with about a minute remaining. Rocha works just enough in Bergmark's guard, but doesn't do any damage before the round ends. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Rocha.

Round 2: Bergmark lands a decent leg kick in the first minute of the round. Rocha responds with a right hand that finds its mark. Rocha tries for a takedown but can't finish it off. A few moments later he attempts another, this time with even less success. Bergmark clinches him against the fence a digs a knee into his gut that convinces Rocha to drop to his knees. He gets back up and tries to pummel for position, but Bergmark flips him onto his back. Bergmark tries to go on the attack as he stands over a downed Rocha, and he does land one good right hand before Rocha gets back up, only to be taken down again. Back on their feet in the final minute, Rocha is looking tired. A leg kick from Bergmark makes him wince, and Bergmark finishes the round by stomping forward with a punch combo that leaves Rocha looking more exhausted and annoyed than hurt. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Bergmark.

Round 3: Bergmark catches a leg kick from Rocha and uses it to put him down, but only briefly. Bergmark presses forward and lands a hook that makes Rocha jog a little distance away. Both men are looking tired now, and the pace has slowed considerably. Rocha tries a shot and nearly gets caught in a D'arce choke. Rocha gets out and they work back to their feet. Bergmark is coming on now. Good leg kick followed by a right, and Rocha is starting to look like he'd just as soon go home. He flops to his back a couple of times, but "Big" John McCarthy insists that he stand. Bergmark sends him scampering across the cage with another hard right, but Rocha just wants to ride this one out. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Bergmark.

Bret Bergmark def. Vagner Rocha via unanimous decision.

Ron Keslar vs. Chris Cope

Round 1: Keslar wastes very little time shooting for a single-leg and putting Cope down. He moves to mount right away and Cope gives up his back. Keslar locks on the body triangle and begins to look for the rear naked choke, but gets caught up in hand fighting with Cope. Cope briefly escapes and tries to turn into Keslar, but it isn't long before Cope has his back again, even if he can't make much progress toward a finish. The round ends in this position, and the crowd response is appropriately lukewarm. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Keslar.

Round 2: Cope tries to get more active with his stand-up to start this round, but Keslar takes him right back down and has his back again before the first minute is up. Here we go again. Cope defends against the choke and this time manages to free himself and turn into Keslar's guard. They work back to their feet and an inside leg kick from Cope catches Keslar in the groin. He's going to need a minute here. After the restart Cope stuffs a Keslar takedown and then lands a decent roundhouse kick. Keslar is starting to look a little worn out. Another kick from Cope drops Keslar to his knees in a faux takedown attempt. Cope sprawls and peppers him with short punches. Keslar isn't doing much in response, and referee Kim Winslow calls a halt to the bout. Seems like a bit of an odd stoppage, since the blows didn't look terribly damaging, but Keslar isn't complaining so there must be something to it.

Chris Cope def. Ron Keslar via TKO (punches) at 4:32 of round two.

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