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Fabricio Werdum Submits Fedor Emelianenko

<! mediaid=3121891 Jeff Chiu, AP: img vspace="4" hspace="4" border="1" align="right" src="" alt="" />The best fighter in the history of mixed martial arts lost in a shocking upset on Saturday night, as Fedor Emelianenko was submitted by Fabricio Werdum early in the first round of their Strikeforce fight in San Jose.

Fedor knocked Werdum down with a combination of hard punches at the start of the fight, doing exactly what he wanted to do and taking control early on. But then he made a huge tactical error, going to the ground with Werdum, who's the best Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner in the sport.

Once they were on the ground, Werdum was in his comfort zone, and he put Fedor in both an arm bar and a triangle choke. Fedor knew he couldn't get out of the submission, and he tapped out, just one minute, nine seconds into the fight.

"I feel very, very happy," Werdum said afterward. "I feel so happy. ... Fedor is the best in the world. Tonight I beat Fedor, but Fedor is the best."

Fedor entered the fight with a record of 31-1, with the only loss coming with a huge asterisk, as he was cut by an illegal elbow strike. Now he's 31-2, and there's no asterisk this time around: Werdum won this one fair and square.

Werdum has improved his record to 14-4-1, and won not just the biggest fight of his career, but one of the biggest upsets in the history of MMA.

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