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The MMA Wrap-Up Takes on Strikeforce and TUF 11 Finale

The MMA Wrap-Up is back for episode No. 2, and it's time for a little compare and contrast, just like we learned in high school English class. Join me as I take a look back at last week's Strikeforce and UFC events and ponder the question, how is it that one fighter is now a household name, while another, in many ways similar fighter, is still a relative unknown?

I promise, the discussion is more interesting on video than it sounds in the above sentence. At least, it is if you have a couple of minutes of your life that you wouldn't mind throwing away by watching a guy sit behind a desk and tell you how it is. It's sort of like a presidential address from the Oval Office in that way. Only on a slightly lower budget.

The full video of this week's episode is below.