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WEC 49 Live Blog: Chris Horodecki vs. Dan Downes Updates

This is the WEC 49 live blog for Chris Horodecki vs. Dan Downes, a lightweight bout on tonight's WEC card on Versus from the Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Downes steps in on late notice to take on Canadian fan favorite Horodecki (13-2).

The live blog is below.

Round one: Horodecki worked for a takedown and eventually secured it about 45 seconds in. Downes tries to work his way up, but Horodecki tried a guillotine. Downes was never in any big trouble and worked back to his feet again. Horodecki pushed him against the cage. They exchanged that position several times, looking for the advantage. Horodecki used the position to take Downes down with a bodylock. Horodecki worked into mount with 1:30 left. Downes gave up his back and Horodecki tried to apply a rear naked choke. Downes survived, worked free and landed a hard right with 30 seconds left. The two clinched against the cage, and Horodecki was looking for another takedown as the round ran out. MMA Fighting scores it for Horodecki, 10-9.

Round two: Horodecki lands a sharp one-two combo to begin the round. Downes starts chasing him down and Horodecki lands a spinning back kick. Horodecki starts landing strikes as Downes continues to come forward. Another spin kick from Horodecki. Downes is slowing down, the cumulative effect of the strikes taking effect. Horodecki is dancing around hitting him from all angles while Downes stands almost anchored, taking it. Horodecki clinches against the corner and takes Downes to the mat again. About 2:20 left. Downes quickly scrambles back to his feet, but it's all Horodecki. Downes took this fight on two week's notice, and he's been outclassed for most of the fight and now he's likely running out of steam on top of it. Horodecki continues firing off combos as the round ends. Downes is a tough guy but he's going to have to pull off a major comeback. MMA Fighting scores it for Horodecki, 10-9.

Round three: Downes comes out guns blazing, but Horodecki stops any forward momentum in a snap with a takedown. Horodecki takes his back again, sinks in the rear naked choke, and this time it's in deep. Downes taps seconds later.

Winner: Chris Horodecki via submission (rear naked choke), Rd. 3, 1:09

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