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Matchups Announced for Sengoku Bantamweight Asia Tournament

The first round matchups for the Sengoku Raiden Championship Bantamweight Asia Tournament 2010, which starts at SRC Asia Volume 1 on July 4th at Differ Ariake, was set Friday via random draw.

The second round of the tournament will be held in late August at SRC 14. One seeded fighter from Shooto, Pancrase, Cage Force and ZST will face the second round victors in the third round of the tournament to be held in late October presumably at SRC 15. The eventual champion of the tournament will have to win five times if they are an unseeded fighter or three if they are seeded.

There were open applications for the tournament to Asian fighters under the age of 35 who have at least five professional fights or Olympic experience although those rules weren't strictly adhered to.

Sengoku Raiden Championships Asia Volume 1 - July 4th at Differ Ariake
Heavyweight: Takauji Kanechika vs . Lee Sang Soo
Welterweight: Masahiro Toryu vs. Nao Viranbueba

SRC Bantamweight Asia Tournament 2010
Block A
Jae Hyun So vs. Ichiro Sugita
Hirokazu Nishimura vs. Wataru Inatsu

Block B
Wataru Takahashi vs. Shohei Kondo
Tatsuya So vs. Min Jeong Song

Block C
Kyu Jin Choi vs. Hiryu Okamoto
Takuya Eizumi vs. Taro Shimazaki

Block D
"Punch" Yamauchi vs. Shintaro Ishiwatari
Ayato Taneichi vs. Nam Jin Jo

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