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The MMA Wrap-Up: UFC 115

Pat BarryHardly a day goes by where I don't get an e-mail from some poor soul who complains that while he loves getting commentary on the prior weekend's MMA action, he absolutely hates being forced to read in order to get it. 'What about semi-illiterate brutes like me?' he asks. 'Isn't there any way for us to get our MMA fix?'

Okay, so I don't really get those emails, but I assume it's only because the people who might write them can't figure out how to send them. Regardless, now there's a solution. In just a few minutes time you can get all the pithy commentary you need, and the only price you'll pay is being forced to look at my face in between the photos. Not a bad trade, eh?

In the first episode, join me for a look back at the UFC 115 main event, as well as a couple of thoughts on Pat Barry and Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic. Or don't. Just go back to reading words like some sucker. Your call.

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