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UFC 115: Mac Danzig Robbed in Loss to Matt Wiman

Former Ultimate Fighter winner Mac Danzig was robbed by a terrible referee's decision Saturday at UFC 115, as referee Yves Lavigne wrongly believed Danzig had been choked out by Matt Wiman and wrongly delivered Wiman a submission victory.

It was a quick fight in which the two combatants went to the ground early in the first round and Wiman sunk in a guillotine choke. Although the choke was in tight, Danzig hadn't tapped out, hadn't been choked out and was able to keep fighting. But Lavigne inexplicably believed Danzig was unconscious and waved off the fight.

Danzig was classy despite having had the fight taken from him, acknowledging that Lavigne has a tough job and urging fans not to boo the ref or Wiman.

"Matt Wiman is a great fighter," Danzig said. "It's not Matt Wiman's fault. It's not even Yves Lavign's fault. It's just the circumstances of the fight. I hope we can get a rematch."

The truth is, it was Lavigne's fault. But Wiman, too, refrained from saying anything negative afterward.

"It's very unfortunate," Wiman said afterward. "I trained for a fight and I wanted to have a happy ending. I guess we can do it again."

The UFC needs to set up Danzig-Wiman 2 as soon as possible.