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Ken Shamrock Knows How to Stay in the News: Call Out Frank

Ken Shamrock hasn't fought since he was suspended for failing a drug test more than a year ago, and as a 46-year-old who hasn't beaten a relevant opponent in ages, he's not exactly a major figure in the MMA world these days. But Shamrock is nothing if not a great self-promoter, and he showed at the UFC Fan Expo that he still knows how to get people to pay attention to him: By calling out his adopted brother, Frank Shamrock.

"I have somebody that's in my family that's always been ducking me. He was very disrespectful to my father who took care of him his whole life and gave him an opportunity at life. I'd love to get my brother in the ring and beat the stuffing out of him, and then hug him after it's over and say, 'You know what? This is how you respect people.'"

Those comments are already making headlines, and Ken Shamrock knows that a Shamrock vs. Shamrock fight is the one bout that would get him a decent amount of media attention. There's almost no chance that it's going to happen, though,as Frank Shamrock works for Strikeforce and CBS/Showtime, two companies that don't want to be in business with Ken Shamrock.

So Ken Shamrock probably isn't going to get his first choice of opponents. But he says he's not done fighting, and he mentioned Tank Abbott, Dan Severn, Mark Coleman and Pedro Rizzo as men he'd like to fight in the future. After the UFC beat him in court he presumably needs the money, and although I personally don't think a Shamrock vs. Abbott fight is something the fans should be clamoring for, if that's the way Shamrock is going to make his living, then more power to him.