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Jacob Volkmann Confirms Move From UFC 116 to UFC on Versus 2

Jacob Volkmann was scheduled to meet British lightweight Paul Kelly at UFC 116 on July 3, but due to issues with Kelly's work VISA, the fight has pushed back to UFC on Versus 2 on Aug. 1, Volkmann confirmed Wednesday evening with

"Extremely frustrating," Volkmann said of the setback. "Cause I lost a lot of sponsorship money too. On the side, I bought a plane ticket for one of my corners, and he didn't get reimbursed."

Besides less sponsorship money due to fighting on a Versus event instead of a pay-per-view event, the news of Kelly's VISA issues, first reported last week by Fighters Only Magazine, will force Volkmann to essentially have a do-over in his fight preparations.

"I have pretty much restarted," Volkmann said. "I was at the peak of the hardest part. I had to restart everything and go back to the basics of working on my hands and kicks and stuff."

Volkmann (10-2) is 1-2 in the UFC with losses as a welterweight to Paulo Thiago and Martin Kampmann and a win in his lightweight debut last March against Ronys Torres at UFC Fight Night 21. Paul Kelly is also 10-2, but has been successful in three of his last four Octagon appearances.