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UFC 114 Live Blog: Efrain Escudero vs. Dan Lauzon Updates

LAS VEGAS -- This is the UFC 114 live blog for Efrain Escudero vs. Dan Lauzon, a lightweight bout on tonight's Spike TV portion of the UFC 114 card from the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Slow feeling-out process early for the two friends. Lauzon switches from southpaw to orthodox and back. Escudero lands a knee from the clinch and goes for the takedown. Lauzon stays upright. Escudero batters him against the cage with knees. They circle again in the middle of the cage. A superman punch from Lauzon opens a cut over Escudero's left eye. Restless crowd boos a short stretch of inactivity. Close round, but MMA Fighting scores it for Escudero, 10-9. The crowd boos at the end of the round.

Round 2: Escudero fires off a series of knees. He backs Lauzon into a corner and unleashes a hail of knees and elbows. Lauzon eats a few, avoids a few, but big points for Escudero there. They restart, and Lauzon shoots in for a takedown. Escudero shuts him down. Lauzon is breathing hard now as the midway part of the round hits. Escudero bullies him into a corner again and adds more knees to Lauzon's diet. Leg kicks follow from Escudero. Lauzon looks tired, and falls to his back on a punch. Escudero invites him up. Thirty seconds to go. Escudero bulls him into the corner again and lands a few strikes as the round ends. MMA Fighting scores it for Escudero, 10-9.

Round 3: Escudero took a groin shot early, needing a quick timeout to recover. Lauzon goes for the headkick, but no steam on it. Another clinch against the cage. This one is stalemated. On the restart, Escudero scores with strikes. Down to the last two minutes and Lauzon needs to do something huge. Escudero still looks fresh as time winds down and the crowd rains down boos. Escudero implores Lauzon in, and Lauzon throws a hook and backs out. Escudero throws a body kick, but it lands where it doesn't belong, and we get another timeout. The ref deducts a point from Escudero for the infraction as he protests. The fight turns into a rock'em sock'em robots slugfest for the final 20 seconds. MMA Fighting scores the round a draw with the point deduction.

Winner: Efrain Escudero via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

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