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Dream.14 Live Blog: Kazuyuki Miyata vs. Takafumi Otsuka Updates

This is the Dream.14 live blog for Kazuyuki Miyata vs. Takafumi Otsuka, a featherweight bout on tonight's card at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

Otsuka (10-4-1) is a longtime DEEP competitor who fought for Dream once prior at Dream.7, losing to Bibiano Fernandes by unanimous decision. Miyata (8-7), with abs that would make Leonidas jealous, has won his last three fights and is coming off a win over DJ.taiki at Dream.11 last October.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: The DEEP featherweight champion Otsuka, wearing Melvin Manhoef-style shorts, takes a big step in. They tangle briefly and separate. Miyata uses punches to setup the clinch. Otsuka shrugs off. Miyata throws a flying knee but Otsuka almost catches it for the takedown. Miyata stands back up and continues looking to setup the takedown. Otsuka with a kick to the body. Otsuka shoots for the double but misses. Miyata presses Otsuka against the cage. The referee separates them with 90 seconds remaining. Otsuka lands a left. Otsuka front kicks his way to clinch and throws a knee to the body. Miyata throws another jumping knee and lands to the chest, but Otsuka almost takes Miyata's back. Back up, Otsuka lands left hands. Close round. Slight edge to Otsuka.

Round 2:
Otsuka throws a kick that Miyata tries to catch for a takedown, but Otsuka defends. Miyata charges in but Otsuka stops the takedown attempt. Miyata lands a jab. They clinch and Miyata throws a knee on the way up. Otsuka shoots and misses. They trade high kicks that are blocked. Otsuka shoots with 1:10 left and Miyata defends, looking for a kimura. Otsuka limps out. Miyata throws a high kick that is blocked. Otsuka drops down, but can't get the takedown. Another tough round to score. Both rounds can be draws so far, but if I had to pick, slight edge again for Otsuka.

Round 3: Otsuka lands on a punch combo. Otsuka with a flying knee and Miyata looks winded. Otsuka shoots and Miyata defends. Miyata rallies back into clinch. Miyata lands a knee to the body. Miyata lands with a clean punch. Blood pours out of Otsuka's nose. Otsuka with a nice right. Miyata scores a takedown. Otsuka stands and Miyata controls his back. Miyata falls into Otsuka's halfguard. Miyata works to advance with a minute left in the fight. Miyata clears to full mount just at the bell. Edge to Miyata.

Miyata wins by split decision.

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