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DREAM.14 Live Blog: Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Ralek Gracie Updates

This is the Dream.14 live blog for Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Ralek Gracie, an 88-kg catchweight bout on tonight's card at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

"The Gracie Hunter" (26-12-1) is back and he takes on a new generation Gracie (2-0) in Ralek.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: Gracie looks very tense in his boxing stance. But after being stationary for a good 10 seconds, Gracie surprises Sakuraba by rushing in with two punches. Gracie falls back. Gracie looks to take Sakuraba's back. Sakuraba uses a kimura to roll Gracie away and Sakuraba looks for the armbar. Gracie walks in to stack Sakuraba. Sakuraba still looking for the armbar. Gracie pulls out his arm at 1:43 and gets into Sakuraba's halfguard. Gracie passes to side control. Gracie with knee on belly and almost takes full mount. Gracie looks for a toehold at the sound of the bell. Edge: Gracie.

Round 2: Sakuraba lands an inside leg kick. Sakuraba lands a punch to the body. Gracie throws a powerful kick. They clinch and Sakuraba escapes out. Gracie shoots and controls Sakuraba. Gracie has Sakuraba's back, standing. Gracie is cut around his left eye. Gracie takes Sakuraba down. Gracie drops right hands. Gracie with a knee and then more right hands. Sakuraba tries to turn in. Gracie on top in Sakuraba's halfguard. Gracie peppers Sakuraba with lefts. Sakuraba is blocking these punches but he's not doing much to escape. Gracie with knee on belly and looks for an armbar. Edge: Gracie.

Round 3: Sakuraba is down two rounds. Gracie with another heavy high kick and another. Both are blocked, but they looked powerful. Sakuraba with close punches. Sakuraba attacks the body. Gracie misses on a high kick. Sakuraba stalks Gracie. Sakuraba with more punches to body and Gracie looks to keep Sakuraba at bay with kicks. A left by Sakuraba may have landed, as Gracie away right. Gracie shoots in and Sakuraba pulls guard. Sakuraba looks for a kimura with a little over 1:45 left in the fight. So strange. The referee comes in to pull Gracie's pants up while Sakuraba was working for the kimura. Looks like it was because Sakuraba's foot got stuck in Gracie's shorts. Bad timing. Gracie now on top with a potential armbar. Gracie locks in an armbar and it looks nasty. Sakuraba pulls out with seconds left. Edge: Gracie.

Gracie wins by unanimous decision

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