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Badr Hari Does It Again, DQ'd for Kicking Hesdy Gerges on the Ground

Badr Hari is the most talented heavyweight kickboxer in the world. It's too bad he's unable to control himself.

Hari was disqualified Saturday at the It's Showtime event in Amsterdam for kicking opponent Hesdy Gerges when he was down. It's the second time in a year and a half that Hari has been disqualified for such a move; he was also DQ'd for stepping on the face of Remy Bonjasky in the K-1 World Grand Prix Final in 2008.

Hari looked like his usual impressive self to start Saturday's fight, hurting Gerges with a barrage of punches and kicks and generally looking like he was going to win the fight easily. But in the second round, after Gerges fell to the canvas, Hari inexplicably kicked Gerges in the face. Gerges said he couldn't go on, and the referee made the correct decision to disqualify Hari.

Melvin Manhoef (who also fought Saturday, suffering a knockout loss) grabbed the microphone and tried to quell the angry fans, but the fans had every reason to be angry at Hari, who just deprived the paying customers of the ability to see a fight end properly. Hari and Gerges did hug before they left the ring, but even if Gerges has no hard feelings, what Hari did is inexcusable.

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