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Kazushi Sakuraba Concerned About Size Difference, Apple vs. Windows

TOKYO -- Kazushi Sakuraba has been hunting Gracie's so long that he is now fighting their children. At Dream.14 at the Saitama Super Arena on Saturday, Sakuraba will face a new generation of Gracie in Ralek, son of UFC creator Rorion Gracie.

Sakuraba met with the press at East 21 Hotel in Toyocho, Tokyo to discuss his upcoming match with Ralek Gracie, his size concerns and whether he should buy an Apple or Windows PC.

Have you seen any footage of Ralek?

I only watched it once but I intend on watching it more.

What kind of impression do you have towards him?

Sorry, I was watching the footage while I was getting a massage so I didn't really give deep thought to it, but I saw him fighting Shibata and I thought he was a big fighter. His height is about 10 cm taller and his weight, there is a big difference too. Although the agreement is for 88kg, because the weigh-in is one day in advance his weight will go back up and that is something that I need to think about.

What is the point of your match with him?

The point ... well I won't really know until the fight starts.

Is the thing that you are concerned about the most the physical difference?

Well technique wise too but physical difference is something that I am concerned about. I just had an interview earlier and I answered about that if there is a three-kilogram difference then that requires a lot of power and endurance and then I'll lose stamina. It's something that I'm concerned about so I need think about a how to tackle this and to figure out what to do. It's something I need to think about during the fight as well.

He came here right? Isn't he big?

How much do you weigh?


So you won't be cutting weight?

No, but I try eating a lot and maybe I'll gain one kilogram or so. But I need to weigh myself tomorrow and see what happens. I think my current condition and my weigh-in day condition would be different. Normally I weight around 85. At the most maybe 87 and I can go as light as 84 or even under sometimes.

How about your opponent being young. Is that a concern?

Not so much.

Last year in October was your last fight. How is your condition since then.

It's normal, I haven't had any big injuries since then. I had minor things but no major injuries so it's normal.

Your opponent is from the Gracie family. How do you feel about this?

I don't really feel anything in particular.

I have a question actually if you don't mind. Are Apple computers good because I see two right in front of me. Is that because they are good?

Well, I think so. I use Apple too.

Who uses Apple? Whoa! About half of you! That really makes me debate whether I should buy Apple or Windows. Who uses Windows? How about the analog handwriting people? Who doesn't use any PC and hand-writes their memos? Nobody ...

OK, thank you very much for that input.

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