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UFC 114 Sold Out

In the fight game, few things sell as well as genuine personal animosity.

That's why it should come as little surprise that UFC 114 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday night is officially sold out, according to a press release put out by the UFC.

Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas always brings plenty of tourists, and the UFC Expo at the Mandalay Bay on Friday and Saturday certainly doesn't hurt either. But to really understand why UFC 114 is the hot ticket in town this Saturday night, one need look only as far as the main event.

Let's face it, UFC 114 is not one of the most stacked cards in recent memory. While the undercard is littered with talented, hard-working fighters, it isn't necessarily that long on superstars.

There's no title fight this time around, but there is a confluence of circumstances that amounts to the next best thing. There's a main event featuring a Pride and UFC veteran in Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, who also happens to have a summer blockbuster movie coming out in a couple of weeks.

Then there's also an intense feud spurred on by his opponent, Rashad Evans, who has made the matter racial as well as personal.

Add it all up, and it's a perfect storm for ticket sales. Now we just have to wait and see if the fight itself can possibly deliver on all the hype.

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