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MMA Link Parade

Looking for a little light reading this Thursday morning? Then pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy these links to articles by some of MMA Fighting's friends around the internet.

- Shaquille O'Neal an unlockable character in "UFC Undisputed 2010". (Middle Easy)

- Tim Sylvia opens up, doesn't care what fans think. (Bloody Elbow)

- Top 10 MMA conspiracy theories. (Cage Potato)

- Rampage vs. Rashad from a technical point of view. (MMA Scraps)

- Jamaine Facey: Hands up and gunning for titles. (Fight! Magazine)

- Chuck Liddell talks TUF, Tito Ortiz, and more. (Five Ounces of Pain)

- Forrest Griffin out until fall. (Fightlinker)

- Nick Diaz talks Strikeforce brawl. (MMA News)

- Dana White on Jimmy Fallon. (Watch Kalib Run)

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