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Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans: UFC 114 Results, News, Videos, Photos

Rampage Jackson
vs. Rashad Evans is main event of UFC 114. Get UFC 114 results, news, videos and UFC 114 photos and more on Rampage vs. Evans - one of the most anticipated UFC clashes of the year.

UFC 114 Results
Main Card
Rashad Evans def. Rampage Jackson via unanimous decision
Decisive Round: Round 1: Evans lands his first punch, a vicious overhand right, knocking Jackson back two steps and against the cage.The crowd explodes. Jackson clinches as he tries to find time to recover. Evans goes low and tries to dig out a takedown, but Jackson stops him as they remain against the fence. Ref Herb Dean breaks them up and we restart. Evans explodes for a takedown and Rampage is on his back, not where he wants to be. Evans lands a few strikes until Jackson gets up. Again, they're against the fence as we go under a minute left. Jackson can't work his way free as Evans likely wants to wear Rampage out. Another break at :20. Jackson lands a buckling right as the round ends, but MMA Fighting scores the round for Evans, 10-9. Recap

Michael Bisping def. Dan Miller via unanimous decision
Decisive Round: Round 2: Trickle of blood from Miller's nose. It's a bit surprising Miller hasn't tried a takedown, but he's doing well on his feet. Bisping moves him backward with a left, then lands his best punch of the night with a right on the chin. Miller eats it and continues on. Nice combo for Miller, who finally changes levels. Bisping stops the takedown though, and then fires off another straight right that scores. Bisping asserting himself in the standup now. Another stream of blood from Miller now, this one looks to be under his right eye. Strong round for Bisping, 10-9. Recap

Mike Russow def. Todd Duffee via third-round TKO
Decisive Round: Round 3: See either of the above two rounds. Duffee connecting from the outside, Russow waiting, but not committing. And out of nowhere, Russow catches him with an overhand right. Duffee was falling like a tree, and Russow got him a second time before Duffee went down. KO. Recap

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Jason Brilz via split decision
Decisive Round: Round 3: Another takedown from Brilz. Nogueira sweeps and ends up on top. Brilz breaks free. Brilz drops for the ankle pick, Nog feeds him some punches and pulls away. With two minutes left, Nogueira tries to set up a d'arce, but Brilz sees it coming. Back to their feet. Nogueira with a left, Brilz shoots again, but Nog ends up on top. Nog gets crucifix from the back. Brilz eats some leather but escapes as the crowd goes wild. Thirty seconds left. Nog reverses now as wild momentum shifts continue. Nog powers out some elbows as the round runs out. Both men raise their hands. MMA Fighting scores the round for Nogueira, 10-9. Recap

John Hathaway def. Diego Sanchez via unanimous decision
Decisive Round: Round 1: Big size advantage for Hathaway. Sanchez throws a combo and drops for Hathaway's legs. Hathaway wards it off with wrist control for a while. Sanchez goes for the high-crotch. Hathaway goes down for a split-second and right back up. Sanchez backs off. Big right from Hathaway snaps Sanchez's head back. Sanchez's nose is bloodied. Hathaway drops Sanchez with a knee, and goes in for the kill. Big elbows from the top, but Sanchez weathers the storm. Hammerfists and short elbows from the top, rocking Sanchez again. Not the start Sanchez had in mind. Sanchez tries to get up, then to tie him up. Neither works as Hathaway continues punishing him from the top. Big round for Hathaway, 10-9. Recap

Preliminary Card on Spike TV
Dong Hyun Kim def. Amir Sadollah via unanimous decision
Decisive Round: Round 2: Sadollah looks comfortable on his feet, landing a few kicks, but Kim ducks under one and secures another takedown, moving swiftly to side control. Sadollah breaks free, but Kim smothers him against the cage. Kim lands a knee to the face, then another as they stay against the cage. Kim trips his down again. Kim working diligently to advance his position and Sadollah to work free. Kim traps Sadollah's left arm against his own neck and starts raining down strikes. Very awkward position for Sadollah. Kim moves to full mount with 10 seconds left, lands a few strikes but can't finish before time runs out. MMA Fighting scores the round for Kim, 10-9. Recap

Efrain Escudero def. Dan Lauzon by unanimous decision
Decisive Round: Round 2: Escudero fires off a series of knees. He backs Lauzon into a corner and unleashes a hail of knees and elbows. Lauzon eats a few, avoids a few, but big points for Escudero there. They restart, and Lauzon shoots in for a takedown. Escudero shuts him down. Lauzon is breathing hard now as the midway part of the round hits. Escudero bullies him into a corner again and adds more knees to Lauzon's diet. Leg kicks follow from Escudero. Lauzon looks tired, and falls to his back on a punch. Escudero invites him up. Thirty seconds to go. Escudero bulls him into the corner again and lands a few strikes as the round ends. MMA Fighting scores it for Escudero, 10-9. Recap

Preliminary Card
Melvin Guilliard def. Waylon Lowe by first-round TKO
Decisive Round: Round 1: Guillard landed a hook as Lowe dove in for the takedown. Guillard sidestepped the attempt and waved a finger at Lowe as if to say, "no way." Lowe snatched a Guillard kick and worked for the takedown. Guillard went down after a struggle but got up quickly. They clinched against the cage and Guillard scored with a knee. Guillard using a lot of leg kicks and scoring with them. Guillard flattens Lowe with a knee to the body and it's all over in a flash.
Cyrille Diabate def. Luiz Arthur Cane by first-round TKO
Decisive Round: Round 1: Cane stalking early. Diabate counters with a left, but Cane floors him with a left of his own. Cane follows him to the mat, but Diabate recovers. Cane's nose is bloodied after some clinchwork. Diabate looks fine now and lands both sides of a combo. He floors Cane with a right and lands one big left on the ground for the TKO as Herb Dean steps in to call a finish.
Aaron Riley def. Joe Brammer via unanimous decision
Decsive Round: Round 1: Lots of exchanges early. Riley landed a head kick after catching a Brammer kick, but it didn't land flush. Riley pushed him against the fence and worked the clinch with some knees and short punches. Riley went for the takedown but Brammer managed to stay upright. Brammer went down off a leg kick but got right back up. Brammer took a low blow, causing a timeout. Brammer wound up for a big left but Riley ducked under it. MMA Fighting scores a close round for Riley, 10-9.
Ryan Jensen def. Jesse Forbes via submission (guillotine)
Decisive Round: Round 1: Jensen moves Forbes back with a right. Moments later, Forbes rocks Jensen with a left of his own. Jensen falls back to the cage and Forbes move in for the kill. Jensen quickly reverses, ends up on top and locks in a guillotine for the win.

UFC 114 News
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UFC 114 Videos
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UFC 114 Photos
UFC 114 Pictures
Rampage vs. Evans Pictures
Rampage Jackson Pictures
UFC 114 Open Workouts
Rashad Evans Pictures
Jackson vs. Evans Pictures

Fight Night
UFC 114 Results
UFC 114 Post-Fight Press Conference Video

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