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Strikeforce Challengers 8 Fighter Salaries has the Strikeforce Challengers salaries for this past Friday's Matt Lindland vs. Kevin Casey event from the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Ore.

Strikeforce Challengers 8, televised on Showtime, featured six pro bouts and four amateur bouts. Salaries are below.

As a disclaimer, The compensation listed below may not necessarily represent a fighter's final earnings and is only the contracted purse that the commission enforced for the event.

There may also be additional undisclosed compensation, which was likely the case for Lindland ( was able to confirm with Executive Director Brad Darcy that Lindland's purse reported by Strikeforce was indeed $1,000).

Televised Pro Bouts
Matt Lindland ($1,000) def. Kevin Casey ($10,000)
Tyron Woodley ($4,500+$4,500=$9,000) def. Nathan Coy ($3,000)
Roger Bowling ($3,000+$3,000=$6,000) def. Bobby Voelker ($3,500)
Tarec Saffiedine ($4,000+$4,000=$8,000) def. Nate Moore ($4,000)
Pat Healy ($3,000+$3,000=$6,000) def. Bryan Travers ($3,000)

Non-Televised Pro Bouts
Pro Escobedo ($1,000+$1,000=$2,000) def. Jason Sharp ($1,000)

Amateur Bouts
Blaine Macintosh ($0) def. Ben Morgan ($0)
David Lloyd ($0) def. Jay Shaffer ($0)
Patrick Wittington ($0) def. Jason Lambert ($0)
Hamza Salim ($0) def. Lee Flores ($0)

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