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Rampage Jackson to Co-Host 'WWE Raw'

Wolf howls, chain-link neck piece and a larger-than-life image. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson should feel right at home when he co-hosts a June 7 installment of WWE Raw, the pro wrestling organization recently announced.

Jackson is appearing with Bradley Cooper and Sharito Copley on the show to promote their upcoming A-Team film, based on the popular 80s adventure series.

The WWE implemented weekly guest hosts last June, tapping former wrestling stars and celebrities to make appearances for a ratings boost. Hosts typically deliver an opening speech, participate in skits and at times, enter in tag matches.

Jackson takes on Rashad Evans this Saturday at UFC 114 to settle their feud as coaches on last season's The Ultimate Fighter 10. The fight had been pushed back from December due to Jackson's commitment towards the filming of the movie.

UFC president Dana White, on an appearance on The MMA Hour Monday, was unaware that Jackson was scheduled for the appearance, but said he had no issue with it.

"I have a great relationship with Vince McMahon," White said. "I think it's great. Good for [Jackson]."

White added that Jackson didn't need to clear the appearance with the UFC.

"Stuff he does on the side. If he was going to professionally wrestle on the WWE, then he'd have to talk to me, but if he's making an appearance, absolutely not."

In the film, Jackson plays the B.A. Baracus role made famous by Mr. T. The film opens in theaters on June 11.
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