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Moosin Live Blog: Tara LaRosa vs. Roxanne Modafferi Round-by-Round Updates

WORCESTER, Mass. -- This is the Moosin live blog for Tara LaRosa vs. Roxanne Modafferi, a special attraction women's bout on tonight's Moosin God of Martial Arts pay-per-view from the DCU Center.

The live blog is below.

Round 1: LaRosa with an early right, Modaferri answers back with a hook. Spinning back fist by Modaferri, and LaRosa bulls her into the cage. LaRosa lands a couple of knees as they exchange position against the cage. LaRosa finally takes her down after the long struggle but Modaferri quickly works her way back up. They break and LaRosa tags Modaferri as they separate. Second later, it's Modaferri with a right hand on the chin, and LaRosa goes down. With only 10 seconds left she doesn't have much time work. She throws some hammer fists but times runs out. MMA Fighting scores the round for Modaferri 10-9.

Round 2: LaRosa comes out with guns blazing, throwing strikes and bulling Modaferri into the cage again. This time Modaferri takes her down. LaRosa neutralizes the ground attack and they go back to their feet. Modaferri lands a nice jab and clinches behind it momentarily. A wild exchange before the 60-second mark with LaRosa landing a few strikes before they reset. LaRosa takes her down with 30 seconds to go. LaRosa isn't able to mount much offense on the ground, but she still wins the round in MMA Fighting's view, 10-9.

Round 3: LaRosa rocked Modaferri with a right. Modaferri stumbled across the cage before falling to the canvas. LaRosa followed her to the ground. Modaferri looked for the triangle. LaRosa picked her off the ground but couldn't slam her down. Modaferri held the triangle as LaRosa threw hammerfists from the top. Modaferri switched to an arm bar but LaRosa pulled free. Back to their feet and LaRosa landed a knee to the body. With LaRosa trying for a takedown, they awkwardly fell to the ground with LaRosa having a headlock. Modaferri ended up behind her and tried to get in her hooks. They went back to their feet. LaRosa tried to take Modaferri's back with a standing rear naked choke, but Modaferri saw it coming and didn't allow it. Time ran out on a very close third round. MMA Fighting scores the round for LaRosa 10-9.

Winner: Roxanne Modaferri by split decision, 30-27, 29-28, 28-29

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