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Moosin Live Blog: Forrest Petz vs. Ralph Johnson Round-by-Round Updates

WORCESTER, Mass. -- This is the Moosin live blog for Forrest Petz vs. Ralph Johnson on tonight's Moosin God of Martial Arts pay-per-view from the DCU Center.

The live blog begins below.

Round one: Johnson is a huge welterweight, with about sizable height advantage. The two exchange in a wild flurry a minute in, with Johnson getting the better of it. Johnson stuns Petz again moments later. Very lively crowd here. Petz pushes Johnson up against the cage, where they stalemate. Johnson works free and fires off a series of bombs. Petz avoids most but gets tagged by a few. MMA Fighting scores the round for Johnson, 10-9.

Round two: Big chant for Johnson, "Ralphie! Ralphie!" He's from Worcester. Slower pace early. Petz moving forward a bit this round but Johnson's long reach means he gets to the spot first. Petz starts to find his distance and lands some jabs and strikes. Johnson spends most of the round backpedaling, and though he does land at times, MMA Fighting scores the round for Petz, 10-9.

Round 3: It's a cautious kickboxing match early in the round until Petz moves in for the clinch against the fence. Johnson defends well and they break. Johnson is doing a lot of backpedaling and it could cost him the fight. Petz isn't landing a lot but at least he's moving forward. Again, he initiates a clinch. He lands a knee to the body, but Johnson breaks free. One minute left. Petz with a big left hook with :20 left, and they exchange to close out the final seconds. MMA Fighting scores the round for Petz, 10-9.

Winner: Forrest Petz via unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28

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