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Roger Gracie Stays Unbeaten, Submits Kevin Randleman

It's been nearly two years since Roger Gracie last fought an MMA match, but he returned in typical Gracie style, putting Kevin Randleman to sleep with a second-round rear naked choke submission.

Midway through the round, Gracie caught Randleman with a knee that knocked him down. Gracie followed him to the ground and quickly moved to full mount. He tried to move to an arm triangle but Randleman escaped. Gracie kept mount then and eventually took Randleman's back. He cinched in a body triangle and looked for the rear naked choke. Randleman defended well for well over a minute, but Gracie bided his time before sinking it in, and Randleman had no choice but to tap. The live blog is below.

"I think that's the secret for every fight, patience," Gracie said afterward. "A fighter's got to fight with his mind, not his body. I'm a very patient person. I wait for the right moment and then I get it."

He had trouble with Randleman in the first.

Randleman stuffed his first takedown try just over a minute into the first round. Moments later, Gracie landed a nice knee but Randleman ate it without much trouble. With 1:30 left, Gracie initiated a clinch and tried to work a standing guillotine, and a few seconds later he dragged Randleman to the ground with it, but Randleman escaped. Gracie, however, won the round by taking advantage of his huge edge in reach by utilizing his left jab (Gracie had a six-inch size advantage over the 5-foot-10 Randleman).

The end, though, came for Randleman at 4:10 of round two. The 38-year-old Randleman fell to 17-15, after losing nine of his last 11 fights.

Gracie, meanwhile, improved to 3-0. Now the question will be whether he fights more regularly. His three fights have taken place in 2006, '08 and now '10.

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