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Bellator Puts Hector Lombard KO on YouTube

There's no promotion in mixed martial arts that has done more to use YouTube to market itself than Bellator Fighting Championships. For that matter, there might not be any type of league in any sport that has done as much as Bellator, an upstart promotion that saw some of its best highlights turn into viral video hits in 2009, and is trying to do it again in 2010.

The latest example comes from Thursday night's Bellator show, in which the promotion's middleweight champion, Hector Lombard, needed just six seconds to knock out opponent Jay Silva. Within hours, that highlight was on YouTube for all to see.

Most sports leagues and TV networks still view YouTube and its ilk more as threats than as marketing tools, and it's great to see that Bellator has fully embraced YouTube. Mixed martial arts has a huge community of fans online, and by embracing YouTube, Bellator is embracing its online fans.

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