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TUF 11's Josh Bryant: Wild-Card Selections Were Right Choice

Josh BryantThe latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz featured Seth Baczynski beating Joe Henle by unanimous decision in a fight that was more competitive than anyone expected.

In an interview with, Ultimate Fighter cast member Josh Bryant talked about the Baczynski-Henle fight, the selection of Kyacey Uscola and Kris McCray as the two competitors in the "wild card" fight, and how he felt he measured up with everyone else who had advanced to the second round of the Season 11 tournament.

The interview is below.

Michael David Smith: Seth beat Joe by unanimous decision, 29-28 all around, in a fight that went to a third sudden-death round. What did you think of that?
Josh Bryant: I thought it was a good decision. It was a closer fight than I thought it would be in the first two rounds, and I was impressed with how Joe handled himself, but then it went to a third round and Joe just couldn't get off his back. It was a good decision.

Prior to the fight everyone thought Seth was better than Joe, and Dana White suggested that the fight wouldn't even be close. Is that what you thought?
Yes. Seth almost beat Court McGee when we were fighting to get into the house and Court is a good fighter, so I figured that when Seth was brought back onto the show he would win a one-sided fight against Joe, even though Joe is a tough guy. I just didn't know if Joe had enough skills to compete with Seth.

Two guys who have already lost on the show, Kyacey Uscola and Kris McCray, were chosen to fight each other in the wild card round. Was that the right choice?
Those were the two best fighters left. Joe seemed a little disappointed that he didn't get a spot in the wild card, but Kyacey an Kris have more experience. It might not be good for Joe, but it's what the coaches thought and I thought that was right.

You beat McCray already, so you must have taken that as a vote of confidence that they chose a guy you beat to move on.
It's good to see someone I beat get some recognition. That makes my win more legit. He's definitely a tough guy and he's got a lot of skills.

We also got to see Court McGee move on in place of the injured Rich Attonito.
That was only fair. I thought that was the exact right call. People were jockeying for that spot, but I didn't think anybody deserved it more than Court McGee. He lost his fight on a bad decision, and Dana White had the power to make it right and he did.

Once you saw everyone who had won their first-round fights, was there anybody you were hoping you'd fight in the second round?
I didn't really care. I thought I matched up well against anybody. I just wanted to fight someone on the other team and not have to get matched up with someone on my team.

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