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SRC Move to Unified Rules Weight Classes

World Victory Road announced today that starting on June 20 at Sengoku 13, weight divisions within the promotion would be changed to comply with the unified rules.

The biggest changes will be to the middleweight and bantamweight divisions, with a change of +1.1kg and +1.2kg respectively. The modification comes in an attempt to help Japanese fighters who wish to fight abroad and to also help foreign fighters in Japan.

Rival promotion DREAM is also taking steps towards complying to world standards as it will be holding its second event in a cage at DREAM.14 to be held on May 29th and are contemplating a permanent switch away from the ring.

SRC - Sengoku Raiden Championship 13 Fight Card:

Masanori Kanehara vs. Marlon Sandro
Maximo Blanco vs. Rodrigo Damm
Hiroshi Izumi vs. Chang Seob Lee

Weight Class Changes:

Heavyweight: 93.1kg+ (No change)
Light-Heavyweight: -93.0kg (No change)
Middleweight: -83.9kg (+0.9kg)
Welterweight: -77.1kg (+1.1kg)
Lightweight: -70.3kg (+0.3kg)
Featherweight: -65.8kg (+0.8kg)
Bantamweight: -61.2kg (+1.2kg)

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