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Sengoku to Hold Asia Bantamweight GP Starting July 4

In addition to weight class changes announced Monday, Sengoku Raiden Championship promoter World Victory Road also announced an Asia Bantamweight Tournament to commence on July 4th at Differ Ariake.

At this stage, SRC has only hosted a handful of fights at Bantamweight and so WVR is asking for applications from Asian fighters under the age of 35 who have at least 5 professional fights or Olympic experience. The winner of the tournament stands to win 300 million yen (approx. 32,350 USD) and first-round participants will bank 100,000 yen (approx. $1080 USD).

Given World Victory Road's relationship with Shooto and Pancrase, most athletes can be expected to step up from these promotions. Also, it is possible that Featherweight fighters may be able to drop down to Bantamweight as the division's weight limit was raised 1.2kg today.

Differ Ariake is a smaller arena which only holds around 1500 and is usually used by second-tier promotions such as Pancrase and Cage Force. The opening round of tournament will certainly be a step down from their shows held at Saitama Super Arena, Yoyogi National Gymnasium or Ryogoku Kokgikan, but the second round is to be held at either SRC 14 or 15. Dates are not announced for those events yet.

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