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Kimbo Slice Done in the UFC, Dana White Says

UFC President Dana White said late Saturday night that Kimbo Slice is unlikely to fight in the UFC again following his loss to Matt Mitrione at UFC 113.

"That's probably Kimbo's last fight in the UFC," White said of the bout, in which the bigger, stronger Mitrione pounded Kimbo on the ground and beat him easily.

Kimbo, whose real name is Kevin Ferguson, became an Internet sensation when his street fights were posted on YouTube, but he's never been particularly good as an MMA fighter. White himself famously said that "Kimbo Slice sucks" when Kimbo was fighting with the now-defunct EliteXC organization, and overall Kimbo has managed to win just four fights in his MMA career. Against Mitrione he was overpowered by a strong man and appeared to be in bad shape and was breathing heavily.

But Kimbo had a certain allure to fans, which is why he drew solid ratings when fighting on CBS, and why he was a major asset to the UFC's Ultimate Fighter reality show. As his MMA career continued, however, Kimbo has been exposed as a guy who just isn't a very good MMA fighter. Fans are catching on that Kimbo's MMA skill doesn't match his mystique, and that means the UFC has no more use for him.

"He's done," White said. "We're probably going to cut him."

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