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UFC 113 Live Blog: Patrick Cote vs. Alan Belcher Updates

This is the UFC 113 live blog for Patrick Cote vs. Alan Belcher, a middleweight bout on tonight's pay-per-view in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Cote welcomes Belcher to Canada in this televised opener. Cote is coming back after a long absence, last seen injuring his knee in a title bout against Anderson Silva at UFC 90 in October 2008.

The live blog is below.

Belcher is out first and rebelling against his own tattoo, walks out to Jimi Hendrix instead of Johnny Cash. Cote is next and receives a warm welcome from his hometown.

Round 1: Belcher comes out kicking with his southpaw stance. Cote blocks the kicks and is basically testing the waters for now. Belcher lands several kicks to the body. Belcher lands one low and as Cote runs out in pain, Belcher's killer instinct drives him to chase after Cote. Luckily, the referee steps in between. Fight back on and Cote is aggressive. Cote lands a bunch of punches with Belcher backed against cage. Belcher pops a nice punch and he goes back to kicks. Belcher's throwing those kicks in numbers Cote catches a kick at 2:24 and takes Belcher down. Cote presses Belcher down and Belcher looks for a butterfly guard sweep. Cote passes to halfguard and grabs a kimura attempt. Belcher grimaces but is able to escape in Cote's halfguard. Belcher looks for an arm-triangle but Cote grabs a guillotine to prevent Belcher's offense. Cote turns for a single and Belcher stays on top, looking for arm-triangle. scores the round 10-9 for Belcher.

Round 2: Fight is paused seconds in because Belcher forgot his mouthpiece. The crowd, taking any opportunity to boo Belcher, gives it to the visiting fighter. Cote lands a nice uppercut and right. Belcher switches to orthodox stances. Cote landing uppercuts followed by rights. Belcher stops the momentum by pressing Cote against the cage. Crowd chanting "Cote!" They exchange punches and both are getting through. Belcher throws a knee but gets taken down. Belcher just tried a piledriver (think Nate Marquardt) and he faceplants Cote. Belcher grabs the rear-naked choke and wins.

Belcher wins by submission - Round 2, 3:25

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