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UFC 113 Live Blog: Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley Updates

This is the UFC 113 live blog for Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley, a welterweight bout on tonight's pay-per-view in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Koscheck and Daley battle for a title shot against Georges St-Pierre and a coaching position on The Ultimate Fighter 12.

The live blog is below.

There was no touch of gloves after the pre-fight instructions.

Round 1: Daley came out with a flying knee, which Koscheck side-stepped. Koscheck measured Daley for a few seconds, then powered through for a single leg takedown. Daley worked his way up but Koscheck kept hold of the leg and slammed him down again. Koscheck landed in side control. Daley regained half-guard. Daley tried to scramble free. Instead, Koscheck took his back. He only had one hook in and went for the choke. Daley pulled free and drilled Koscheck with an illegal knee while he still had his knees on the ground. A point was deducted even though the replay showed the knee to the face might not have landed. After a timeout, we restart and the last few seconds tick off. With the deducted point, MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 for Koscheck.

After the round, ref Dan Miragliotta corrects himself and says the point will not be deducted, so 10-9 for Koscheck.

Round 2: Koscheck drives for an early takedown again. It's clear he doesn't want to play the striking game with the dangerous Daley. Fans begin chanting "GSP! GSP!" Koscheck moves to full mount briefly, but Daley gets it back to half-guard. Midway through the round and Daley is doing a good job limiting damage, but Koscheck's positioning alone is going to make a statement to the judges if he can't escape. Koscheck postures up with a few strikes, but Daley again gains enough control to limit damage. Koscheck takes his back again. Koscheck looks up at the clock as we go under a minute and pulls Daley down with his hooks in. Daley controls Koscheck's left arm though and stops any further problems. MMA Fighting scores the round for Koscheck 10-9, though the crowd is not overly impressed so far.

Round 3: Daley powers up with a right uppercut but Koscheck slides away from it. Daley scores with a left hook, then a knee to the face as Koscheck shoots in for a takedown. A persistent Koscheck drives through and pulls him down again. The crowd boos the development, but Koscheck is doing what he needs to do, knowing he has a big ground advantage. Koscheck moves from side mount to full mount with just over two minutes left. Daley tries to work free but Koscheck maintains control. He postures up but lands nothing. Despite full mount, he's not generating anything to close out the fight. Daley regains half-guard and Koscheck lands a knee to the body. Thirty seconds left. Koscheck just holds him down and lets time run out. MMA Fighting scores the round for Koscheck 10-9.

Daley punched Koscheck at least five seconds after the closing bell, likely out of frustration at being controlled for the entire 15 minutes. Ref Dan Miragliotta pulled him away and said, "Are you kidding me?" Terrible show of sportsmanship and Daley will probably be fined, suspended or even cut for that.

Winner: Koscheck via unanimous decision

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