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UFC 113: Kimbo Slice Gets Rocked by Matt Mitrione

Kimbo Slice, the man whose street fights became a YouTube sensation, returned to the Octagon Saturday night at UFC 113 and was thoroughly dominated by Matt Mitrione, a one-time New York Giants defensive tackle appearing in just his second professional mixed martial arts fight.

Mitrione won by second-round technical knockout in a fight that may be remembered as the one that debunked the myth of Kimbo Slice once and for all.

Mitrione got things started with a couple of high kicks, the second of which Kimbo caught and then showed great power in picking the bigger Mitrione up and slamming him to the ground. Once they got to the ground, however, Mitrione put Kimbo in a triangle choke and appeared to be in danger of submitting him before Kimbo eventually broke free.

The fighters then went back to their feet, but it wasn't long before Kimbo slammed Mitrione down to the ground again. Kimbo landed some punches from the top but didn't do a lot of damage, and then they got back up to their feet and traded strikes. Mitrione got the better of those exchanges, knocked Kimbo to the ground with a kick to the legand nearly choked Kimbo out before the bell sounded to end the first round.

Mitrione started the second round by landing a couple of hard punches and then went back to kicking Kimbo's legs, and Kimbo started wincing in pain at the shots to the legs. Eventually Mitrione got Kimbo on the ground and started pounding away on him, and Kimbo looked like he was ready to quit, with no answer at all for the beating Mitrione was putting on him.Eventually referee Dan Miragliotta stopped the fight 4:22 into the second round.

Kimbo embraced Mitrione after the fight, thanked the fans in Montreal and yelled "Happy Mother's Day" before walking out of the Octagon.

Kimbo's pro MMA record has now fallen to 4-2, although he's actually 4-3 counting his loss to Roy Nelson on The Ultimate Fighter reality show. Mitrione improved to 2-0.

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