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Mitrione Promises Fight Kimbo Should Have Already Delivered

Give Kimbo Slice this: He's been marketed well. Despite the fact that Kimbo has lost two of his last three fights and took a fairly dull decision in the fight he won, there are still plenty of fans out there who view him as the ultimate tough guy from the streets whose fights are sure to end quickly and violently.

Kimbo's opponent Saturday night at UFC 113, Matt Mitrione, says their fight will end quickly and violently, just not the way Kimbo would like.

"I think I'm going to punch him in his face and I think he'll go to sleep," Mitrione says. "I'm hard-nosed and I'm aggressive and I will take the fight to him and it will be the fight that the Houston Alexander-Kimbo fight should have been. And I will dot him in his face and I think once he tastes his own blood it will make him think, 'This s**t kind of sucks."

It says something about how effectively both Kimbo and the UFC sell themselves that even a bad fight like Kimbo's win over Houston Alexander can be used to get fans to buy the next fight, with the promise that this time, it really will be exciting.

And, for the record, I think Mitrione is right: I think he is going to punch Kimbo in the face and put him to sleep. And even if he does, Kimbo's next fight will be marketed as the return of the ultimate tough guy from the streets.

Note: Video's language NSFW

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