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Bellator 17 Live Blog: Toby Imada vs. Carey Vanier Updates

BOSTON, Mass. -- This is the Bellator live blog for Toby Imada vs. Carey Vanier, a lightweight bout on tonight's Bellator 17 event at the Wang Theatre.

Imada and Vanier fight for a spot in the tournament finals against the winner of Roger Huerta vs. Pat Curran.

The live blog begins below.

Round 1: Vanier out early with a left hook and leg kick. He tries for a takedown but Imada stuffs the shot. Vanier tries again, and this time he gets him down, but Imada spends little time on his back and gets back to his feet. Vanier pops him with another left, stopping Imada in his tracks. Vanier takes him down again, Imada tries to grab a leg for a heel hook but Vanier escapes. Vanier takes Imada's back standing and delivers a suplex. Imada gets right back to his feet, however. Imada scores with punches late to make the round close. MMA Fighting scores the round for Vanier, 10-9.

Round 2: Imada seems the fresher man coming out for this frame, and he lands some crisp strikes early as he starts walking Vanier around the cage. Great scramble where Imada looked for a leg lock, Vanier escaped and the crowd gave them a nice hand for the action. Imada ended up on top. Imada pivoted for the arm bar and it was over.

Winner: Toby Imada via arm bar

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