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Bellator 17 Live Blog: Eddie Alvarez vs. Josh Neer Updates

BOSTON, Mass. -- This is the Bellator live blog for Eddie Alvarez vs. Josh Neer, a lightweight bout on tonight's Bellator 17 event at the Wang Theatre.

Alvarez, the promotion's lightweight champion, takes on UFC veteran Josh Neer in a non-title bout.

The live blog begins below.

Round 1: Neer with the first strike, an overhand right. Neer looks for the clinch, but Alvarez breaks free. Alvarez with a single leg takedown 1:30 in. Alvarez with ground strikes from the top. Alvarez has Neer stacked against the fence and goes to work. Neer can take a beating, though. Alvarez scores with overhand rights from inside Neer's guard. Alvarez moves to full mount, but Neer sweeps and ends up on top. Alvarez escapes and gets back to his feet. Alvarez scoops him up for the slam takedown with :30 left. He moves to sie control and then full mount but time runs out before he can put on a flurry and try to finish. MMA Fighting scores the first round for Alvarez, 10-9.

Round 2: Neer stops Alvarez's first takedown, which he needs to continually do to have a chance to win. A minute later though, Alvarez puts him on his back again. Alvarez takes his back and holds the rear naked choke on a standing Neer. Neer never taps, just falls to the ground with Alvarez on his back for the technical submission win.

Winner: Eddie Alvarez via technical submission (rear naked choke)

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