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Koscheck Talking GSP, Claiming He's Not Looking Past Daley

I believe that if Josh Koscheck enters his UFC 113 fight with Paul Daley completely focused and employing the right game plan, he's going to win and get rewarded with a welterweight title fight against Georges St. Pierre.

If Koscheck isn't completely focused on Daley -- and especially if he isn't employing the right game plan -- then he's going to be on the wrong end of a major upset.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's what I was thinking about as I read this post by Koscheck at about his preparations for the fight, in which he alternated between talking about wanting a title fight against St. Pierre and talking about being completely focused on Daley.

Koscheck writes:
Everything I've been doing over the past couple years has been working up to this: getting some momentum to where I can put on a great show, win this fight, become the number one contender, fight for the title, and become the UFC welterweight champion by beating Georges St-Pierre.

I feel that my time is coming, and while I've been close a couple times to fighting a rematch with St-Pierre in the past, I haven't gotten there yet.
It's completely reasonable for Koscheck to view the welterweight title as his ultimate goal, and to win the welterweight title he has to beat St. Pierre. I get that. But while the UFC has said the Koscheck-Daley winner will fight St. Pierre next, there's been a sharp contrast in the way Koscheck and Daley have talked about that possibility. Daley always says that he's in no rush to fight for the title, while Koscheck always indicates that he wants a title shot and he wants it as soon as possible.

At the same time, Koscheck says he isn't looking past Daley and adds, "I believe that if I look past Paul Daley, I'm a fool."

I agree with him about that.

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