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Fighters Make Weight for K-1 Under 63kg GP

TOKYO, Japan -- All fighters made weight today for the opening round of the inaugural K-1 World MAX under-63kg (139lbs) Japan Grand Prix to be held at JCB Hall on Sunday, May 2nd.

The tournament is to be decided in an unusual format - only 8 of the 11 winners from tomorrow's GP fights will be going through to the next round. In FEG's latest attempt to bring more excitement to the promotion, those advancing will be selected based on how compelling their fight is and on fan opinion. FEG have also been adjusting clinch rules for the past few years to eliminate stalling.

There has been one late addition to the card, Haruaki Otsuki, who recently announced his intention to enter the MMA ring in DEEP, will be taking on New Japan Kickboxing Association Lighweight Champion, Yoshimichi Matsumoto.

Weigh-in results and promotional videos for each fight after the break.

K-1's YouTube channel
has interviews with the majority of fighters, many available with either English captions or translated English captions. Promotional videos, introducing each of the fighters are available below. Unless noted, promo videos are available only in Japanese.

K-1 World MAX 2010 -63kg Japan Tournament 1st Round - Weigh In Results
Sunday, May 2nd
JCB Hall, Tokyo, Japan

K-1 MAX -63kg 2010 Japan Tournament 1st Round (3×3 Mins, 1×3 Ext):
12. Daisuke Uematsu (62.85kg) vs. Jae Hee Cheon (62.5kg) Promo Video
11. Naoki Ishikawa (63.0kg) vs. Yuto Watanabe (62.85kg) PV
10. Keiji Ozaki (62.95kg) vs. Kosuke Komiyama (62.5kg) PV
9. Masahiro Yamamoto (61.3kg) vs. Tetsuya Yamato (62.95kg) PV

K-1 MAX 70kg Superfight (3×3 Mins, 1×3 Ext):
8. Yasuhiro Kido (70.0kg) vs. Vahid Rosyani (69.8kg) PV

K-1 MAX -63kg 2010 Japan Tournament 1st Round (3×3 Mins, 1×3 Ext):
7. Haruaki Otsuki (63.0kg) vs. Yoshimichi Matsumoto (62.85kg) PV
6. Yuta Kubo (62.95kg) vs. DJ.taiki (63.0kg) PV
5. Kizaemon Saiga (62.3kg) vs. Fire Harada (62.35kg) PV (Eng)
4. Shunsuke Oishi (63.0kg) vs. Koya Urabe (62.9kg) PV (Eng)
3. Shota Shimada (63.0kg) vs. Shohei Asahara (62.65kg) PV
2. Hirotaka Urabe (63.0kg) vs. Toshiki Taniyama (62.9kg) PV
1. "Kyoken" Yuji Takeuchi (62.95kg) vs. Yuki (62.8kg) PV (Eng)

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